Tablet PC Extensions for *Libronix DLS

 The ALSTabletLink package will install a custom toolbar on your Libronix system.  The custom toolbar may be used directly (i.e. clicking the icon to bring up the keylink list and annotation input dialog), or, after the initial click (per resource), the dialog will be displayed each time the pen is used to select text.

ALSTabletLink is designed to simplify using the Libronix DLS system on a TabletPC, where right-mouse clicks are difficult.  The Keylink list may be executed with a single tap.  The annotation input window allows input using a floating Tablet Input Panel (under Microsoft Windows Tablet PC 2005 edition).

ALSTabletLink also allows you to make “InkPad” annotations.

ALSTabletLink is provided as Open Source software in order to comply with the license agreement of the embedded database used for InkPad storage.  For more information read the license agreement contained in the install package.  The source code is also contained in the install package and will be installed if only if a “Custom Install” is selected.

This package is provided AS IS, without support.  I believe that all components are now working as designed, but there may yet be bugs and work to do.  Please report bugs, but do not expect fixes, unless you can make them yourself.  I will do what I can, but my time is extremely limited.

Click here to download version 1.1 of the ALSTabletLink package.  By installing the package you agree to the terms of the license agreement displayed by the installer.

UPDATED: Version 1.1 supports Annotation Editing, selection of annotation collection, and annotation style, type, author, and color!


This first image shows an annotation being entered using the floating Tablet PC Input Panel.  The text was actually entered using handwriting, but the keyboard was needed to capture the screen shot.

 This image show “inking” on an “InkPad” annotation.  The annotation once inserted will display when the mouse hovers over the annotation link, and it may be edited in the normal “General Notes” annotation window, as seen in the following images.


 If you find this software useful I ask only two things:
1) Share it with someone else that may find it useful, and
2) Consider making a donation to LDS Charities, or another quality charity organization.  Many hours of work have gone into developing this tool.  You may repay that work by helping someone in need.

Andrew L. Sandoval

 *Libronix is a registered trademark of Libronix Corporation.  For more information please visit their website.

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